If your business is getting known and you are building up your brand, then you will most likely come in to contact with some bad comments or PR. This may come across on social media sites, in a local paper or as feed back on a review site. Regardless of where the information is being posted, it is vital that you do not ignore it. Ignoring negative comments and PR can make you look guilty and as if you do not care.

If a customer writes a bad review for you then make sure you comment on it. If you were aware of the situation then reiterate what you did to rectify the situation and that you would be happy to contact them to discuss it in more detail should they wish too?

Most people don’t mind using a company that has a small amount of negative feedback as long as the company is proactive in acknowledging it and offering solutions.

If your business is wrongly being accused of poor service due to a company with a similar name, then again you need to point this out politely. You may be surprised how many customers you can win back around just by addressing their concerns.