Working from home can have its advantages and can mean that you keep your business running costs down, but it also is very hard work and you often need to be extremely disciplined not to get distracted with things or other people around the home.

You could chose to rent a business premises but this can work out as a rather large expense, especially when you have to add on commercial rates and gas / electric etc. Over recent years many office hubs have started to open up where you can lease a desk within an office environment. These places often charge a set fee for use of the desk, WiFi, possibly phone line and heating and electric. Many of them also offer free parking, a manned reception and availability of a meeting room. This can be perfect for the sole trader looking to have a place of work without having to spend a fortune on rent and utilities. Many office hubs charge a set monthly fee anything from £150 upwards per month. Often the contract is on a rolling month by month contract or a three month rolling contract meaning there is no long term commitment should you find it’s not right for you.




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