The media can influence a business in a number of ways – some good and some bad, so it is important to take time and consideration in all aspect of media whether it be online or offline.

Newspapers and local press such as radio shows can be a great way to get your name known locally and can be a great form of advertising, but bad press can damage a business sometimes beyond repair.

If you have a situation where your company has received bad media,, either in the form of a review or article in the paper etc. it is vital that you respond in a calm and professional way. Many people understand that everyone has their own expectations and also that businesses do have issues but the main problem arises when members of the public cannot see that the company has tried to do anything to rectify this. Simply leaving a comment on a review sight stating that you are sorry to hear about their recent experience and asking them to contact you direct to allow you to rectify the situation shows that you care about your customers and are not shying away from bad reviews.



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