When it comes to email marketing, many companies simply do not know whether it is something that is worth investing in or not. People often get bombarded with emails from companies trying to sell something and these emails often get deleted with no action taken, so it is fair for business owners and decision makers to assume that this is what will happen to their emails. There are many debates regarding if email marketing actually works. For a number of businesses it works extremely well and that is why they continue to invest heavily in it as part of their online marketing. Companies such as Toys R Us, Adidas and Topshop use email marketing as a huge part of their marketing strategy because it works for them. With many of us picking up emails on our mobile phones, email has become a quick way to get in touch with someone, no longer having to wait for them to log in to their account on a PC to check their emails.

The difference between a successful email marketing campaign and one that isn’t usually comes to down to a small number of things. Firstly the quality of data you are sending to and also the content within your email.