With many companies investing much of their marketing budget in online marketing, is there still a need for offline marketing? With companies fighting harder than ever to gain business, many companies are reviewing their advertising campaigns and have a chose as to whether they invest all in online advertising or incorporate some traditional offline advertising tactics too.

While it is much more difficult to specifically measure offline marketing such as billboards and paper based ads, it is a good way to increase your brand’s awareness, and it brings your brand into the real world.

Some companies find it harder to do offline advertising as often you only have a limited space available to fit all the important information in to your advert in a way that will capture your audience. If or example, you are advertising on a billboard then you will need to be able to interact with the reader in only a few words as these advertisements are usually placed on the side of the road where people will only have a few seconds to glance at it. Also with offline advertising it is vital that you get it right first time as often there are a lot of printing costs involved and a simple mistake can mean you have to pay to have it all reprinted again.

There is still space for offline marketing and for many companies this works well, it may just need a little more time and consideration than online marketing can.