Selling advertising space on websites has been done for a number of years now but it doesn’t always work for every site and it is important to understand how it works and when to stop.

Many directory type websites or websites that offer free information sell advertising space on their sites to allow them to make a bit of money from it. This is often seen on directory sights or forum websites for example.

If you are considering selling advertising space on your site you need to consider where you are going to place the adverts, if you have enough traffic coming to your site to make people want to advertise with you and if it is going to put a lot of people off using your site. Some people simply will not use a site that is full of adverts, especially pop up ads as they say they find it too busy and distracting.

You also need to be able to report back to your advertises on the stats of their ad, for example, how many times it has been seen and how many times it has been clicked on. Pricing can be difficult but many people offer different prices to advertises depending on where they want to be placed on the page, the number of pages they want to appear on and how long they will agree to advertise with you.