Social Media in education

With the ever growing popularity of communication via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to name but a few, it is becoming necessary to educate children about the appropriateness of and the pitfalls concerning the use of this media.

Despite the regulations about the appropriate age for setting up accounts on these sites, often children are using them at an increasingly earlier age. Therefore educationalist have a responsibility to advise on safe and appropriate use.

Firstly, pupils should be taught that the security of their account should be set with a secure username and password, which is to be kept secret at all times. Posting of inappropriate or offensive material on social media sites could be illegal and should be reported to a responsible adult. It is very important that pupils understand that what they read on social media is not necessarily true and should be verified before any action is taken.

It is unrealistic to expect pupils of this generation not to encounter social media, but with care they can be used safely.