Improving your business relationships with clients

Holding on to existing clients is a real must for any company wishing to survive the harsh business world. This is important for many reasons, for example, existing customers may give you repeat business but they also may recommend you to friends or colleague who in turn use your services or buy your products. How to hold on to existing clients is made up of many factors such as customer service, prices and product or service quality. If your business falls down on any of these three areas they the chances are you may lose their custom. Most customers understand that problems occur but it is how your business deals with it that matters and what processes are put in place to try and eliminate them from happening again.


If a customer has an issue, whether it be with a product, service or member of staff one of the most important thing is to keep the customer informed as much as possible as what is been done to rectify the situation as a recent survey shows that for the majority of people this is the main concern.

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