Creating an advert for print

Creating material to be printed is a totally different ball game to creating an online advert. You may have a completely different target audience and therefore need to revise an online ad to fit in with the publication it is going to be shown in. This is often the case for creating adverts for multiple magazines where you want to advertise different products and services to different age groups.
Not only do you have to consider the format and layout of your ad carefully, but unlike in online advertising, print work is not forgiving and errors in the text or images can be very costly if you even have the option to put them right. Spelling mistakes, pixilated images and incorrect prices are all very comment print mistakes to make but if the ad is going in a paper or magazine you may have to live with the error without even being given the chance to rectify it. This can look unprofessional to potential clients but also even render the ad useless if you have stated an incorrect contact number for example.
When carrying out any print work make sure that the ad is triple checked, ideally by more than one person before approving it.

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