Why PR matters to your company

PR or public relations is about your company’s reputation, this could be what potential customers think of your business, what employees think or what possible investor may think. It is therefore extremely important to get right.

In the world of business today companies are in high competition with each other using tactics such as price wars or special offers and giveaways to lure customers in. One of the most important marketing factors however is actually your company’s reputation and this is where PR comes in.

The PR representative of your firm will work on filling the media with positive information with regards your business and help to build brand awareness and brand loyalty amongst your existing customers. To do this they may use social media as well as media such as radio, TV and newspapers.

With the correct PR you should be able to build up your company’s reputation and maintain it by dealing with any complaints or criticisms quickly and effectively to ensure no damage is done to your public profile.

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