Starting your own business

For many of us, having your own business is something we dream of, being your own boss and being able to run a company how you wish is something that attracts many people into setting up their own business every year.

Very often it is financial commitments that stop us from taking the plunge in to self-employment. It may be that you have a mortgage or other financial commitments meaning that you cannot risk having little or no income. Some businesses require members of staff immediately, so you may have the risk of taking on employees and guaranteeing a wage.

Although all of this can be a little daunting, the rewards can be great and many people that have taken the step of setting up their own company, do not go back to employment.

You should always ensure when going self-employed or setting up any business that you know from the start what is involved, in terms of stock, staff, premises, other costs and most importantly market for your business.

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