Should you have videos on your website?

Many businesses are opting to add videos to their websites as research has shown that this can really help improve conversions either from enquiries or sales. Videos are often favoured by viewers as they are able to view a product/service from all aspects and see it in action. It may be that you chose to add videos to your website to introduce members of the staff. This will allow the customer to feel more at ease with you and they will feel like they already know who you are a bit and who to look out from when they enter the office or showroom.

The fashion industry has seen a massive boom in video marketing where some sites are showing their clothing been worn down the catwalk by models so viewers can see it in the flesh.

Videos can be great for tourist attractions and also hotels and other types of accommodation where the viewer can really see exactly what they should expect when they arrive. For theme parks, some viewers may want to explore the videos of the rides before they commit to going to the theme park and spending the money getting in only to find they don’t like the rides on offer.