Boost your business with a mentor

Some people think that a mentor is unnecessary however they can actually be really useful if you use the time with your mentor effectively. You can find a business mentor either online or through an organised event or course.

The business that your mentor is in doesn’t need to necessarily be similar to your business they just need to be experienced in the corporate world and have a successful business of their own.

Through their experience, they can help to show you what your initial goals should be and how to reach them as well as advising you on things such as advertising and marketing methods that they have found effective.

They should also be able to help you problem solve if you are struggling to juggle your new business venture or if not point you in the right direction to find the necessary help and information you need.

Some people find it useful to text, email or Skype their business mentor but actually meeting face to face if practical can sometimes be more effective at building a good relationship together. By using a mentor that is in a different line of business you also eliminate the risk of having a conflict of interest so you can have a mentor that you trust and respect.