How affective is social media marketing to a business?

Social media can be a great marketing tool for some business but other businesses may find it harder to get any benefit from. The types of businesses that get the best results from social media marketing are often those that put the most time and effort in to it. If you do some of the paid for ads on the social media sites such as Facebook then you can often expect to get a better return.
If you are new to Social media then you should not always expect instant results, especially if you are not doing paid for advertising. You will need to build up a community of followers and this can take some time. If you only have a people who your posts reach then you are not going to be able to target a wider audience, you need to first build up your social media communities. Finding local groups that allow business posts is the best way to start getting your business noticed and to spread the word.
If you want to really go for it on social media, then using a social media marketing expert will help you create a solid profile and build up your pages. They can also help you create new content and share it between the sites to have a bigger impact.