Using your website statistics to improve the number of visitors and conversions

Website statistics are vital to help you learn more about your website and how it is performing. Without statistics, you don’t really know what is happening and you will only see the number of sales you are getting through. Stats can tell you so much more such as what page people are landing on when they first visit your site. You may assume that everyone goes to the home page but this is not always the case. If one of your pages is a better fit for the keyword or phrase they searched then this is the first page they will be taken to. Stats will also show you what page people are leaving on. If you notice a high exit rate for a page that you would not expect then drill down further in to the page as it may be that some elements aren’t working correctly or that your prices on that page are too high etc.

Google Analytics statistics package can be very easy for everyone to use, even if you do not have much marketing experience.  You can add the main information you wish to see on the front dashboard and even have the data emailed to you on a regular basis.