How easy is your website for new users?

With more and more of us having to use the internet on a daily basis to do work or shopping it is vital that websites are easy to navigate round and as user friendly as possible. Often the sites that are the easiest for a visitor to use, usually prove the most popular.

If you notice you have a high bounce rate on your home page or indeed any other page, it may be that people are leaving as soon as they land in it because it looks too busy. Often you only have around 2-3 seconds to make an impression on someone and during that time they will decide if they are going to use your website or not.

It is often worth going back to basics and thinking about what is the most important element or bit of information on the page and ensuring that isn’t lost. If you have lots of technical information that not everyone will want to read you could even put it as a downloadable pdf document to save space.

Your website may be being viewed by people that do not normally do much online, so making the purchase or enquiry process as easy as possible will really help.