How to create a standout advert

If you are going to be advertising on another website or in a magazine / newspaper you need to make sure your advert stands out. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to create it in bright bold colours, it needs to stand out for the right reasons. It is important to try and have consistency in your marketing and try and keep it uniform. The idea is that you ant to build up your brand and if someone sees your advert then they can instantly recognise that it is your company. In order to do this you should have two or three colours that you tend to use on all your design work. This may be on your website, sign writing and business cards. You may also have a set font that you use on your marketing. If you do not have any of these things then it is often a good idea to get a branding package done which will give you your identity.

You adverts should be clear and to the point. If for example you are advertising a new bar, then you may want a picture, the address and opening hours of the pub and maybe a special offer. Special offers can work great on all forms of adverts.