Adding call to action banners to your website

It is important to Denver when creating any website, what the main focus is. Do you want people to purchase a product or service off your site? Do you want them to pick up the phone and call you or do you want them to complete an enquiry form for example?

It is easy overtime to forget what you want the website to do and Thai can mean that it becomes confused and doesn’t work as well as it could do for you.

Call to action banners basically tell the viewer what to do next. They may be as simple as saying “click here” or “sign up now” or they may fontina more information. Banners may contain. Images as well as text. If for example you are looking at a hairdresser’s website, then you may find a banner that says “click here to book your next hair appointment”. Within the banner there may be an image of someone cutting hair. Thai just reaffirms the message in the text. More complex call to actions may ask for some information off the visitor first. It could be that there is a financial calculator on the site that allows people to work out a monthly cost for financing a car. Once you have the price there may be an option to “apply now” for the finance or to request a call back.