Is your website compatible for all devices?

Having a website is a great marketing avenue to go down. Since we first went in to lockdown, lots more companies have seen the benefits having an online presence can be. It may be that you do a lot of your trading online through an ecommerce shop or perhaps you simply have a site which gives information to people before they make a purchase.

Many people have moved on from using computers and laptops to access the Internet, and now browse the web through tablets or mobile phones. Smart phones make it easy to look at website on the go meaning you can literally be browsing the web anywhere as long as you have an internet connection,

The majority of popular and commonly-used websites have separate styles for desktop and mobile browsers to make them easily accessible in both formats. Some elements that work well on a desktop site may not work so well on mobile devices. Some sites have the same content on but are just set to resize the content depending on the device used and screen size to browse the site.  

A couple of common problems you may encounter include your logo or pictures not fitting the screen properly, text running off the screen or menus disappearing, meaning users are restricted to just your home page. Making sure you fully test a site on multiple devices before setting it live is vital.