Getting your business found locally

Marketing can help get your business off the ground if done in the right way. You may find it fairly straight forward to get listed for search terms that contain the location you are based in but what about when you are trying to get ranked for areas you serve but are not based?

There are often a number of different marketing opportunities that yo can take advantage of such as social media marketing, directory listings and mutual links on relevant sites. All of this can help get your business found in other areas.

Google often display map listings above organic website listings so it is a really good way to get traffic to your website. It is free to have a Google Map listing and it is another way to improve your chances of being found on the search engines, often pushing you up to the top for competitive search phases if you are in the geographical location of the person searching. Adding your business to Google maps is relatively easy but you can only create a listing for an area if you have a physical address there. Even if you don’t have a website, you can still get listed on Google Maps and add a phone number for any enquiries.