Giving your business website an overhaul

If you have a website for your business that has been live for some time then you may need to take a moment to re-access it and make sure that it is still working as it is supposed to and portraying the message that you want. One of the advantages of a website over printed material is that it can be added to and amended whenever you need to. Overtime you may not realise that by adding different functionality, pages, images, products or text you may of caused issues with the site that could easily go unnoticed. Of you may stubble across these issues by mistake or when they are flagged to you by a customer. Ideally you want to try and avoid this situation happening and the only way to do this is to give your website a once over every 6 months or so (or even more regularly if you do a lot of changes).

Firstly check through the main pages that they all look ok, check that links are working and that they all load. Check that you site still looks ok on different devices and screen sizes. Next read through the content on the pages and see if it needs updating. It may be that your business has moved on since the content was first written and you need to change.