Are your email marketing campaigns working for you?

Email marketing has been used for a number of decades now as a way of contacting people about products or services you have to offer. Historically, companies often used to purchase lists of data and mass mail out emailers to everyone on it in hope that they would get a handful of results but wince GDPR came in to play and data protection rules were tightened up, this is no longer possible. It is not necessarily a bad thing that we can no longer go down this route of email marketing as often the results were very poor and you may even end up doing more harm than good by upsetting people that did not agree to be contacted by you.

When doing an email marketing campaign now you must ensure you have opted in email addresses. The best and safest way to do this is to collect the date yourself either through a sign up form or as a tick box on an enquiry form. This way you have solid proof that the person you contact has agreed to be contacted in this way.

 Whenever you do any form of marketing it is vital that you check how well it has worked and whether it is worth continuing with. You can do this several ways such as looking at open rates, click throughs and then conversions on your website.