How to make your home page stand out for the right reasons

The home page of your website is very important as it may well be the first page someone lands on when they visit your site. It is crucial that the first impression is a positive one as this can be the decider as to whether they stay or leave and go to another site. There are many important features that need to be considered when it comes to designing your home page such as colour schemes, fonts, images used and text content but it is important that at first glance the visitor is encouraged to not only stay on the site but clicks through to other pages and links.

Ensuring your company name and/or brand and your company logo is clearly displayed is a must as this will give confidence to people who may already recognise your brand that they are on the right site.  This branding should also feature on the other pages throughout your site for consistency.

The navigation links from the homepage should be clear and will allow the visitor to see what content you have on your website immediately.

Call to action banners and buttons are vital and should be a feature on your homepage enabling potential clients to click through to contact forms, product pages or in depth information.