Many small businesses struggle to grow their business and generate enquiries or sales. This can be worrisome for many as without sales, the business will not be able to stay trading for long. To grow your business you need to spend time accessing your marketing and how you can promote the products or services that you offer.

Online marketing is a huge part of building a business and should be considered by every company. If you already do online marketing then you need to access if you are doing it in the right way and in a way in which it is profitable.

To be able to accurately assess how well you’re marketing is working you need to have some statistics. You need to be able to ascertain where your enquiries or leads are coming from and look at working out a cost per acquisition. If you are getting a lot of enquiries from Google Adwords for example, but each one is costing £5 on average then you need to work out that the amount of sales it is generating is worth spending the £5 each time. You should also check that you are targeting the right audience. If the service or products you offer are only suitable for people within a certain radius then you want to be sure that your marketing budget is not being used up on marketing outside of these areas.