PR for small businesses

Small businesses have to work even harder to get a piece of the pie. They need to get their name heard and their products or services recognised. Some larger businesses have marketing departments or outsource to a marketing company to manage it all for them but for smaller businesses you may need to do a ….  Read More

How to grow your business

If you are a business owner then you will probably want to see it grow and grow over the years. It can be tricky for new businesses to build themselves up and often you need to invest a good amount of money in to marketing to get it off the ground. You may decide to ….  Read More

NPS or Net Promoter Score – What is it?

Whilst a customer service score or percentage based on a series of questions can be useful internally, it offers little in the way of benchmarking against your competitors as the scores are not directly comparable and the questions are of course subject to manipulation. To address that, you can instead use the Net Promoter Score ….  Read More

The importance of customer feedback

Many businesses go on about their days without really looking too much into customer feedback. They may not know why a customer hasn’t returned back to them or recommended them to a friend, and often it is not until a lot later on down the line they start to investigate what happens. Depending on what ….  Read More