The advantages of online newspapers

With many newspapers now online, I researched how much of an advantage this was to members of the public.  Although the physical newspaper is still very popular with many, a high percentage of people are now reading the newspaper online either on a tablet, phone or computer. The great thing about having a newspaper online ….  Read More

The power of social media

Social media is now a phrase that many of us are common with thanks to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Etc. These sites have revolutionised the way people connect over the internet and made social media a massive part of lots of peoples everyday life. Social media is used to communicate all sorts ….  Read More

Improving your business relationships with clients

Holding on to existing clients is a real must for any company wishing to survive the harsh business world. This is important for many reasons, for example, existing customers may give you repeat business but they also may recommend you to friends or colleague who in turn use your services or buy your products. How ….  Read More

Employing a PR consultant

Public relations is a huge part of online and offline marketing. A Public relations consultant is basically someone that coordinates the majority of if not all of your marketing for your business. A good PR consultant should liaise with any other marketing company you use, eg. Web Design Company, to ensure that the work they ….  Read More

Using the Internet for Public Relations

Public relations is an important part of any business management. Having a public relations effort being undertaken for your company is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, you need to be able to resolve issues en-mass in some circumstances. If you have a faulty product, launching a campaign to respond efficiently is an important ….  Read More