Should you have videos on your website?

Many businesses are opting to add videos to their websites as research has shown that this can really help improve conversions either from enquiries or sales. Videos are often favoured by viewers as they are able to view a product/service from all aspects and see it in action. It may be that you chose to ….  Read More

Call to actions for your website

Having a website can be a great advertisement for you. It can be a way of showing people your products or services without them having to come in to a store or you visit them at their home or business premises. There are a number of different types of websites and all have a different ….  Read More

Promoting a new business

If you have recently set up a new business then you need to use a number of different adverting methods to get your business known and to start bringing work in. There are a number of ways of advertising a new business and the methods you chose often depends on a lot on how much ….  Read More

Facebook advertising

Similar to Google’s Adwords programme, you can use Facebook to advertise your business by displaying paid for ads. Many companies are starting to realise the benefit of having a social media page to promote their business on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but there is so much more to social media marketing than you ….  Read More

Organic vs paid for marketing

When looking to advertise your website you have a wide range of options available. The majority of the search engines offer something called pay per click listings as well as organic listings. If you participate in Google Adwords for example, then you will be able to pay to have your advert with a link to ….  Read More

Business networking

When trying to build up your business and customer base there are many types of marking you can do. Online marketing is extremely popular and works well for most companies but have you thought about networking? Networking can help you meet people that may not only be your future customers but also that may be ….  Read More

Starting your own business

For many of us, having your own business is something we dream of, being your own boss and being able to run a company how you wish is something that attracts many people into setting up their own business every year. Very often it is financial commitments that stop us from taking the plunge in ….  Read More

How to find and use a PR agency

A PR agency is a Public Relations agency and their role is to analyse your business and find out about the products and services you offer. They will look at the positive messages you are portraying and then use these to promote your business within the media industry. Although PR companies do not come cheap ….  Read More

Taking your business to the next level

If you have started up a business then there will probably come a point when you need to start bringing in more work. Some businesses do really well in the first year and often word of mouth is a company’s biggest advertisement for them, but there may come a time when you need to start ….  Read More