How Crowdfunding Helps Entrepreneurs Helps Entrepreneurs

Corporate crowdfunding finance is the twenty-first century’s alternative funding. We are familiar with huge multi-national corporations raising funds through their initial public offering (IPO) on a stock exchange market, but not sure how it will work for small unlisted companies who want to do the same Entrepreneurship is the hot, new vocation way for the ….  Read More

Why PR matters to your company

PR or public relations is about your company’s reputation, this could be what potential customers think of your business, what employees think or what possible investor may think. It is therefore extremely important to get right. In the world of business today companies are in high competition with each other using tactics such as price ….  Read More

Advertising with Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a program that allows you to create tailored ads to show on the Google’s search engine results pages along with other affiliate sites. It allows you to create an advertisement and then set parameters to show the ad, such as location, time and most importantly keywords / phrases. When the ad is ….  Read More

Creating an advert for print

Creating material to be printed is a totally different ball game to creating an online advert. You may have a completely different target audience and therefore need to revise an online ad to fit in with the publication it is going to be shown in. This is often the case for creating adverts for multiple ….  Read More

What should a good PR agency do?

A PR agency is a public relationships Agency that will promote your business through different types of media both online and offline if that is what is required. Usually once you have spoken to an PR agent, they will come and see your business in action. They will find out a bit of background information ….  Read More

Getting the local press onside

If you are running a business then you should try and establish a relationship with the local press. Newspaper articles and social media articles can not only reaffirm your branding but also gain you enquiries and sales. If you have recently started your business or have a new product or service you want to launch ….  Read More

The power of business networking

Networking is a great way to promote your business and is often free. Meeting up for a chat and a coffee with similar business people can prove vital to making new contacts and drawing in new business. Getting your name out there and making new contacts can provide a good turnover of new business and ….  Read More

The advantages of online newspapers

With many newspapers now online, I researched how much of an advantage this was to members of the public.  Although the physical newspaper is still very popular with many, a high percentage of people are now reading the newspaper online either on a tablet, phone or computer. The great thing about having a newspaper online ….  Read More

The power of social media

Social media is now a phrase that many of us are common with thanks to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Etc. These sites have revolutionised the way people connect over the internet and made social media a massive part of lots of peoples everyday life. Social media is used to communicate all sorts ….  Read More

Improving your business relationships with clients

Holding on to existing clients is a real must for any company wishing to survive the harsh business world. This is important for many reasons, for example, existing customers may give you repeat business but they also may recommend you to friends or colleague who in turn use your services or buy your products. How ….  Read More